Internship Workshops, Laboratories, Studios

Main Equipment

1. Graphics Design

Design & Editing Studio

Design & editing tools, overhead projectors, video projectors and a graphics processing suite.

1 portrait photo room, 4 commercial photo room, 1 photo-typing room, 5 professional darkrooms, 2 video studios

High-end digital scanner, digital photography rotating equipment, 2 sets of professional video cameras, 1 color photo printing machine, 2 photo-typing machines, 1 color photocopier, digital cameras, high-frequency cold-light illumination.

2. Computer Graphics/Image Processing

Computer Graphics Processing Studio

35 Graphic arts layout computers (G5 etc.) loaded with professional software, 1 graphic arts layout editing station (AGFA), oversized poster printer.

Image (Digital) Production Studio

3D animation production software, digital content production equipment, data transmission network, digital image processing system and broadband network experiment system. (1 set each)

Computer Image Production Studio

35 graphic processing computers loaded with professional software, animation computers and special effects software, 3 poster printers.

Color Separation Studio

Screen color separation machine, one G4 computer, flatbed scanner (dual platform), Mac G4, one Image-setter, one automatic print lab.

3. Printing & Publishing

Pre-Printing Technology Lab

Pre-printing workstation, RIP, plate making machine, color management system, color laser printer, digital proofing machine.

Photoengraving Lab

2 Print making machines (includes etching, intaglio and screen printing), reproduction camera, plate exposure equipment etc.

Printing Lab

2 Automatic 4k color printers, 1 color 4k proofing machine, 4 gravure printing machines, 1 gold embossing machine, partial air extraction system.

Binding Lab

Paper cutting machine, paper folding machine, shaping machine, gluing machine and loose-leaf two-loop binding machine.

Specialized Print Lab

Specialized printing equipment such as 5 vacuum printing desks, screen-printing desk, transfer machine, plate exposure machine, screen stretching machine and experimental etching.

4. Video/Image Production

Video Recording Studio

Video studio, camera tracks, digital video camera, video broadcast computer work station, video image capture equipment etc.

Auxiliary/Lighting Control Room

Professional-grade digital video editing system, video directing system, portable lighting set, auxiliary lighting control system.

Sound Recording/Mixing Studio

Studio video camera suite (3 cameras), 7 portbale professional video cameras, audio-mixing and lighting control equipment.

Digital Video Editing Room

5 sets of linear editing equipment, 1 professional digital editing equipment suite, 1 broadcast-grade digital editing suite, 8 computer editing software suites.

Augmented reality 3D video production and broadcasting equipment

Integrated multimedia production and broadcasting system, integrated 3D augmented media development system

5. Professional Communication Technology Research

Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Lab

Optical lab bench, electronic dot scanner, professional dot processing software, professional digital camera, digital scanner, digital image data processing system etc.

Visual Effects Lab

Eye-linking system, 5 projectors, portable projector

Standard Color Lab

Spectrometer, recording computer, dot control machine, scanner, standard color experiment system, light-fastness experiment equipment.

Printability Lab

Fluid, paper, light-fastness test, ink, ink penetration and print quality testing machines.

Virtual Recording Studio

Augment reality (AR) software development suites (VR4MAX, Wire Fusion, Vizard), 3D digital scanner, AR recording simulator hardware and lighting.

Holographic Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Lab

Dot matrix holographic plate making machine.